Generally speaking, the transfer process is comprised of these steps;

Make the purchase

Whether done over the phone, as the result of an auction or through a store website, you and the seller will arrive at an amount for your item and how payment is to be made – make the purchase.  At that time the seller may want to know to whom the firearm will be shipped.  Let them know it’s The GunOutlet, and that we will be sending our license paperwork directly to them.

Some old-timers may require special forms of payment, or that our license be included with payment, or that a signed-in-ink copy of our license be sent via postal mail.  If this is the case with your seller, please contact us .

Notify The GunOutlet

Complete the form to send us all the information we need to start the process.  We’ll respond with a notification to you that we’ve received your request and have sent our paperwork to the Seller.

We are “On-File” with many on-line firearms resellers and they may recognize our organization –  we’ll still need to hear from you about your order so that we’re aware that an item is on it’s way to us, and for who.

Wait for the item to arrive

When the seller has been paid, and after he has received a copy of our license, your item will be shipped.  Most sellers will provide you with tracking information so that you can follow the progress of your purchase.  We won’t have any tracking details so please don’t expect us to know when your purchase will arrive.  Talk to the seller about arrival dates.  We receive shipments several times a day and aim to process them within 4 or so hours of arrival.

Process your Background Check/Transfer

When your item arrives we will contact via email/phone/text message and have you down to complete the background check and transfer paperwork.  This process can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours depending on the current turn time for the background checks.  We are open 9a-6p, Monday thru Friday – you’ll need to start your paperwork no later than 5:30pm.