Firearm Disposal

Safely and legally dispose of unwanted firearms or ammunition – Free

There are many situations when a person or family may desire to, or even are required to, dispose of an unwanted firearm(s) or ammunition. The problem is how to safely, and legally, dispose from your possession an unwanted firearm – which is where The GunOutlet can help.

The GunOutlet can legally transfer out of your possession any unwanted firearms, ammunition or accessories and provide documentation proving so. Simply contact us to discuss your situation and we will either accept them via drop-off or schedule an appointment to pick them up at your location.

  • No Longer want to have unwanted firearms in the house
  • Do not feel safe with firearms in the house
  • Life situation has changed and it is not safe to have a firearm in the house
  • Firearms were inherited but not wanted
  • Do not want to leave a burden on my family after I am gone
  • Firearm is no longer operational or damaged