Firearm Relinquishment

If you have been charged with certain offenses in Colorado, such as Domestic Violence, most likely you will be required to divest possession of any guns or ammunition that you may have in your home or automobile.

Your court order may include a paragraph similar to this:

You shall relinquish, for the duration of the order, any firearm or ammunition in your immediate possession or control, or subject to your immediate possession or control, and shall do so within 24 (or up to 72) for firearms and within 24 hours (or up to 5 days) for ammunition.

If you are in custody and cannot relinquish firearms and ammunition, the court orders you to do so within 24 hours of your release from custody. You shall file proof of relinquishment with the court, within 3 business days of the relinquishment as required by statute

The GunOutlet can help!

Depending on what you have been charged with there may be several options available:

  • Sell (or give) your firearms to someone via a Person to Person firearms transfer
    • The recipient will be required to pass a background check
  • Sell your firearm(s) to The GunOutlet
    • We may be interested in offering you a fair price for your items
  • Store your firearm(s) with The GunOutlet
    • Depending on the details of your case we can store your firearm(s) for up to two weeks for a nominal storage fee

We understand that any relinquishment order can be a stressful and time sensitive situation. Our goal is to streamline this aspect of your case in a smooth and speedy manner. Contact us to discuss your situation further.

In all cases we will provide the necessary proof of relinquishment for the court, or assist in completing the court order.