Person to Person Transfers

With the passage of Colorado House Bill HB13-1229, which went into effect July 1, 2013, private party “Person-to-Person” transactions are no longer permitted .   It is now a requirement for transfers between individuals within the State of Colorado to include a background check of the transferee(buyer), facilitated by a licensed firearms dealer.

Going through the background check process for a Person-To-Person transfer  is very easy at The GunOutlet:

  • Seller and buyer schedule an on-line  appointment for a background check at The GunOutlet
  • Seller will complete a short form indicating their intent to transfer the firearm(s) to the buyer
  • Buyer will complete a background check form* from which we will start the transfer process
  • Upon completion of the background check, and assuming the buyer is approved**, the firearm will be transferred from seller and into  the possession of the buyer.
  • Our standard Transfer Fee will be collected (customarily paid by the buyer).

NOTE:  The GunOutlet is not involved in the purchase portion of the transaction.  Any exchange of money and/or receipts should be handled before or after your background check visit.

*The buyer will be required to show proof of identity and residency using a Government issued document.  Most often this is done with a current  Colorado Drivers license (address endorsements on back are not acceptable), or Military ID and PCS Orders in the case of Military Personnel.  Other usable proofs of residency include current vehicle registration and City of Colorado Springs Utility bill showing the name and current address.  We can not process background checks without an appropriate proof of identity and residency.

**Should the background check result in a denial there will be two choices offered – return the firearm to the seller or begin the appeal process for the buyer.  A Background Check Fee will be collected if returned to the seller, a Transfer Fee collected if an appeal is filed.