— What is a Firearms Transfer?
A Firearm Transfer is the process of legally delivering a firearm into your personal possession. In simple terms, it means verifying your identity and residency and performing a background check to verify that you are eligible to take possession of a firearm.

— What are the restrictions for taking possession of a firearm in the State of Colorado?
For handguns, you must be a resident of the State of Colorado and at least 21 years of age.
For long guns, 18 years or older.

— What qualifies as a ‘resident’ of Colorado?
You are a resident of the State of Colorado if:

  • You have a valid government issued photo ID indicating such.  (e.g. a valid Colorado Drivers License
  • Your are in the Military and have a copy of your permanent change of station orders putting you here.
  • You are cadet at the Academy and have a letter from your Air Officer Commanding indicating your enrollment date and expected duration of residence at the Academy.

…there are other methods of determining residency. Please contact us for more info.

— What if I flunk the background check?
Easy.  You don’t get to take the firearm.

We will supply you a document with all the information necessary to appeal the background check decision.

Because you own the firearm (even though you don’t possess it) it is your responsibility.  We will hold the firearm on our books for a reasonable period of time until you determine what will be done next.

Some things you can do;

  • Appeal the denial
  • Negotiate with the seller for a return
  • Sell it
  • ..most of these options have additional costs associated with them.

Some things you can’t do;

  • Have a friend, relative or acquaintance pick it up for you
  • Have a new buyer pick it up without a proper Bill of Sale
  • Leave it here indefinitely.