Request a Transfer

We make the process of initiating a transfer easy, despite the back-and-forth and seemingly complicated communications that must go on.

Whether you are buying or selling, we can help!

If you are shipping something out (selling);

  • we’ll need only a couple things:  You, the item, and a copy of the license of the Firearms Dealer to whom we are sending the item.

If you are shipping something in (buying);

The easiest way to think about it is to break it down into a couple of  basic steps:

  • The financial transaction – This is between you and the seller and is you independently arranging the purchase of, and paying for, the item.  When you have paid for the item you own it, but you don’t possess it yet.
  • The shipping process – Your item can not be shipped directly to you.  It must be shipped from the seller to another licensed dealer, like us.  In order for that seller to know we are a bona-fide dealer we will deliver to them a copy of our Firearms License.
  • The possession process – In order to legally take possession of your item you must complete some paperwork and pass a background check.  Part of our job is to administer the Transfer and Background check process when the item has arrived here.

Once you have paid for your item, and after the Seller has received a copy of our Firearms License the seller can ship the item.  When it arrives and has been processed (which could take as long as 24 hours) we will be in contact with you to come down and start the possession process.

Assuming you pass the background check, and after the required 72 hour wait –  we will  schedule a second visit for you to come in and pickup your firearm.

Start the process by clicking “Newbie” or “Old Hand” from the Transfer box on the upper left of this page!